Friday, November 23, 2012

Social Policies are Anti-Social

"The social model actually produced some rather anti-social results. Many state interventions create problems, and indeed in a globalised world of rapid change, they protect the old and block the new. They hamper creation, entrepreneurship and work. [...] many policies were launched simply to apprease special interests, not to benefit society as a whole."

When writing those lines in his book "The Guide To Reform", Johnny Mukhammar described the negative effects of welfareship in his own country: Sweden. But they are the same in any welfare states.

When unrestrained and implemented on the long run, welfare policies have three typical negative effects:
  • they end up being anti-social
  • they destroy incentives to create wealth
  • they favor special interests
That is why Members of Parliament should always be cautious when passing welfare bills.

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