Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Big Big Government" or "Small Big Government"

One thing to know about politics in a welfareship is that both the Left or the Right are supporters of a Big Government. The Left wants a "Big Big Government" and the Right a "Small Big Government"...

The difference is about who will benefit from aids and subsidies. 

If the Big Government is providing more social aids to people and granting less subsidies to businesses, then it can be call "Big" Big Government. On the contrary, if it is providing less social benefits but granting more subsidies to businesses, then it is call "Small" Big Government.

But in both cases, persons receiving benefits and entrepreneurs are relying on the Government to help them. And politicians from both the Left and the Right believe they must help, support and... give guidance.

That is why it is extremely hard to get out of welfareship once it begins to shape public policies. Subsidies replace initiatives and individual sovereignty is fading away...

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