The Solidaristic Economy

The welfareship economy is neither capitalistic nor communist, but is based on solidarity. As such, I name it a “solidaristic economy”.

In France in 2009, 11.209.091 individuals benefited from welfare payments. It amounted to a total of € 59.561.164.000.

Moreover, these 11 million beneficiaries have families (parents, spouse, children, etc…), and it must be taken into consideration that more than 30 million people are actually benefiting from welfare payments. That is 50% of the French population that receives welfare payments directly or indirectly.

Welfare payments are also called “social transfers”.  It is an amount of money given to people so that risk protection costs are not entirely paid by them but covered by the “national solidarity”. Six kinds of risks are defined by the State: old age and subsistence; health; motherhood and family; unemployment; housing difficulties; poverty and social exclusion. Usually, payments are given according to the family income and the number of children.

Let’s now describe all welfare payments. There are three kinds:
Let's talk also about retirement pensions that are a key element of welfareship.

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