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Barack H. Obama has been reelected President of the United States of America. His social agenda will live on for the next four years. A domestic debate has then arisen about welfare, especially because of what was called “Obamacare”.

Those who first introduced welfare had good intentions; helping the poorest and the weakest is a noble thing. But state welfare is neither philanthropic nor a charity; it is not privately funded since it state-organized. Therefore, charity is transformed into an obligation called solidarity as voluntary contributions become taxes.

The people of the United States are facing such a transformation. They seem to be at a social turning point in their history and an important choice must be made: either implement social policies through the Federal state interventions or finding solution to social issues through individual and private initiatives.

When creating this blog, my aim was to provide facts for thoughts and choice. I will describe what a welfare system is. I will only give facts and concrete examples. I am able to do so since I was born, grew up and worked in France which is a welfare society. France was slowly transformed by its social system into what I call a welfareship, by which I mean a democratic society based on welfare.

Nowhere else in the Western World has welfare been implemented so greatly and to its ultimate logic. In the last sixty years, because of its old collectivist tradition, the French Republic has created a welfare system without any opt-out options. Just as the United States is the country of entrepreneurship, France is the country of welfareship.

The French society today is what the American society could be thirty years from now if welfare policies are passed and put into practice. That is why it is important for Americans to be aware of the deeds and facts of welfareship.

Welfareship is complex, but I am giving here the necessary overview to understand the political, social and economic foundations of such a system. Then, it will be up to American citizens to decide whether or not they want to walk the path toward welfareship and trust the State or go on with individual freedom and trust mankind.

I am living in a welfareship. I was not given any choice. I wish I had been. That is why I have explained welfareship, with its “All-Doing Government” and its “Solidaristic Economy”.

Now, I am leaving to each reader to make up her/his own opinion on whether welfareship would be a good thing for America or in any other country, and if yes, how it should be implemented.

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